The Makeover Magicians of Chicago: James and Dom's Before & After Bonanza

Kitchen: Before & After

Best thing ever. There's not much better than a house tour of an amazingly unique home, where the residents (in this case, James and Dom) have truly designed the space from head to toe to suit their style and needs. The only thing that could top it is getting to see what it all looked like before they worked their magic, and today, we're going to do exactly that! Lets go...

Before: Kitchen

After: Kitchen

Wide Shot: Kitchen

Before: Library

After: Library

Before: Library

After: Library

Before: Library

After: Library

Before: Library to Dining Room

After: Living Room to Dining Room

Before: Dining Room

After: Dining Room

Jame and Dom say all the painting was the biggest challenge: When we signed the lease, the living room had four shades of brown and the kitchen six shades of red, and the bedrooms were painted electric blue and neon green. We rented a powered paint sprayer and primed the entire apartment. Over the next year, slowly we decided on the colors of each already moved-in room.

Their proudest DIY is in the kichen: the pegboard wall: I've never liked digging through drawers for tools, and wanted a wall that could truly house everything within reach. A friend casually suggested lighting it from behind, and I never looked back. I don't think I could ever live without it.

Their favorite bit is what they added to the dining room - the "fireplace" bar: The bar brings an architectural element and nice lighting to the dining room.

Their advice for other makeover-inspired readers: "Patience and commitment. Take your time deciding what you want to do, and commit to executing once you start."

Thanks, James and Dom!

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(Image credits: Dom Cordilla)