Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Every Room of the House

Chalkboard paint has taken the interior world by storm (whether people like it or not) and it's certainly for a reason. It's as eye catching as it is functional and we don't think this bold and daring design movement is ending anytime soon, particularly because it has many uses.

Use chalkboard paint on a wall in your office to keep a large to-do list that you'll definitely never forget. Paint the pantry door in the kitchen with chalkboard paint and you can easily write down a grocery list or scheduled appointments for the family to see.

If there's a spot in your house that needs a little extra artwork, hang up a chalkboard map with hand drawn states or even paint a canvas with chalkboard paint and create your very own artwork that you can easily change. If you're a little more tongue-in-cheek, paint your headboard with chalkboard paint and leave your significant other special messages!

Chalkboard paint can be used in fun and interesting ways — would you use it in your house?

Images: 1. shopdirtsa, 2. April And May, 3. FFFFound, 4. Do It Yourself, 5. Houzz