Parental Guidance: The Influence of Style

Parental Guidance: The Influence of Style

Grace Shu
Dec 6, 2007

Earlier today, we were discussing the style of childhood homes and how it's affected our own homes. The home that we grew up in was rustic, decorated with our mum's no-nonsense furniture (that she built herself! With power tools!) and country-home stencils (that she did herself! In one afternoon!).

On one hand, our mum was--and is--extremely traditional: she loves floral patterns, heavy wood furniture, and cloisonné vases. But on the other hand, she has a taste for ethnic décor: dark toned African stools, plush Persian rugs in offbeat color ways, and delicate watercolors that she picked up on one of her many travels around the world.

Needless to say, our childhood home evolved into a mish mash of eclectic styles that had no rhyme or reason to it, except that someone in our family liked it enough not to throw it away (which, by the way, was not very difficult to do, and we felt the brunt of it when our parents made us all fly back to help them pack for their move).

Looking around our own home, our style is decidedly different from our parents: it's a bit modern, with bright colors, sharp angles, and graphic art. But we've begun picking up a few lessons from our mum: a floral pillow has sneaked on the bed; a Peruvian rug is in the den; and just the other day, we were contemplating this Laura Ashley chair for the bathroom vanity area. Laura Ashley! Really!

So tell us: What's something in your home that was influenced by your parents' style?

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