Miele Futura: The Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher

Miele Futura: The Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher

Gregory Han
Jul 26, 2011

How many companies do you know that put each and every one of their products through testing before putting them out for sale? Not a sampling…each and every unit. That's the impressive spiel we were given by Miele at a recent press event. Not that we needed all too much convincing, as the German home appliance brand is already renowned for their build quality (and luxury level pricing). Their latest lust-worthy home appliance is the Futura series dishwasher, a highly customizable, multi-tier, LED illuminated, home network connected kitchen appliance of dishwashing prowess...

As someone who rents an apartment without a dishwasher, taking the walk-thru of features offered by the Miele Futura at last month's Dwell on Design exhibition made us pine for the day when washing dishes simply means loading up, locking in, pressing a button and walking away (mostly for times for when we cook and entertain for guests...or so we say). It was hard not to daydream about owning something so obviously well built and minimal-modern handsome. In fact, we entered to win one at the press event (hey, even we like to enter and try to win free stuff occasionally), but alas, a bearded gentleman to our far left had his card picked and went home the happy winner that afternoon.

Back to the Futura: even with all the latest options thrown in, the Futura uses 35% less water than older models, with a wide range of interior basket configurations to accommodate for just about anything you can throw inside (FlexiCare). The presentation focused heavily on the Futura's myriad of interior element positioning, with nearly every component inside able to fold, slide or move into additional positions to fit smaller and larger items, from delicate silverware to bulkier kitchen tools:

Miele redesigned the unit from the ground up, sourcing longer lasting interior materials for use measured in decades rather than years, staying in tune with the brand's reputation for getting what you pay for (we can vouch as a happy Miele vacuum owner). Tech minded home owners will likely appreciate the very bright LED interior illumination to admire the spot-free handiwork of the appliance, alongside the multitude of cleaning program settings (including a Turbo mode for quick washes and a Intensive Mode for especially grimy tasks). A wireless local area network connection option, RemoteVision, connects the Futura directly to a Miele monitoring center for better troubleshooting:

A 'virtual link' is established, which allows a secured transmission of vital temperature and performance data. If a significant fault occurs, Miele's client service center will be notified and contact you or another trusted individual you've identified on your call roster in order to gain access to your home and fix the problem.

Miele reps smiled and stayed mostly mum when we asked if there would be further wireless messaging/social network capable notification, replying with a curt, "we're always considering options". Guess the same would go for an interior waterproof webcam, but that's just the pie-in-the-sky dreams of someone whose dishwasher is currently his right+left hands and a sponge.

The Miele Futura Series dishwashers range from $1,249 to $2,849 at retail, obviously designated as a top-tier appliance, so start saving up.

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