Reusing Milk Crates


Ah the milk crate, the original building block for DIY furniture. Milk crates are often abused in a design sense by students looking for cheap – read free – storage solutions. But we’ve always known they could be so much more which is why we were so excited when we saw Tasmanian furniture designer Simon Ancher’s clever milk crate stool. With the simple addition of a wooden ‘top’, the crate is transformed into an attractive comfortable seat. Or how about the pixel block style Chandelier from MADE, shown above? Below the jump are a few more furnishing ideas using milk crates...

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In search of more creative takes on the milk crate we found this cute cubby/reading nook. The milk crates make fun walls with storage room – we could see this idea working well in a small outdoor setting.

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Another fun idea is this milk crate couch. Ignoring the material used here, the idea of adding foam seating cushions (with or without covering the whole piece) offers many variations.

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Designer Naty Moskovich's furniture line, Box Life, reimagines the humble plastic storage solution as contemporary seating, storage and surface with the simple attachment of legs and backing.

And for you oenophiles out there on a budget, how about a milk crate wine rack?


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