The MILK Desk: Designed for Your Mac

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The MILK desk has been around for a little while, but we've only recently found price details on this impossibly sleek shrine for your Mac. For more details and photos of this ultimate cord-hiding computer desk, read on...

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• This desk is designed for your Mac in every way - its open drawer hides clutter and a hidden compartment stashes all unsightly cords away. Only the power cord comes out from behind the foot.

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• Cords tuck away behind the desk in a tilted drawer like a glovebox.

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• All plugs and wires run into a central channel that hides them from sight.

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• Not all is business, though; a built-in fish tank option gives you a place to rest your eyes and provides a touch of daily nature.

• OK, ready for the price tag? We found a price on this French site. The desk is listed at 3250 €, about $5000.
• We got a tip that the desk is available in the States through House of Norway in New Jersey. No sign of it on their site, but you can contact them directly.
• Available in Canada through Gabriel Ross.
• Check out the desk yourself at

(Images: All images by MILK)

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