The Minimalist Timer

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One of the things I most notice while migrating between my iOS device (iPad) and back over to Android and Windows Phone devices is the general lack of minimalist UI options in the apps department. App developers of the Dieter Rams camp tend to be iOS loyalists, where Android seems to be the hotspot for Michael Bay of Design school graduates. Thank goodness for simple solutions for common tasks like Horace Ho's Minimalist Timer app...

Minimalist Timer will remind some of you fellow older folk of high quality receiver/amp audio dials from the analog age. Users can mark/access favorite interval settings, while double tapping the screen resets the timer, while a single tap pauses/resumes...intuitive and uncluttered. And if you're a multi-tasker using your iPhone or iPad in the kitchen, you'll appreciate Minimalist Timer works in the background, so you can switch to browsing for recipes, scan song playlists, or chat with friends while you're waiting for that cake to bake.