The Month's Best Guides to Entertaining for the Holidays

Throughout the month of November, we focused heavily on posts dedicated to entertaining at home. The month may be over but many of us are just gearing up for our own holiday celebrations. To help you get ready, I've rounded up November's best posts focused on partying with style and panache… GETTING GEARED UP
Cocktail Party on a Budget: Cheap Supplies, Booze & Music
Get Lit: 5 Easy Tips for Your Best Party Lighting
10 Useful Holiday Tips From Lady Gaga's Workshop
10 Punch Bowls: From Vintage to Modern
The Secret to Being a Successful Host

How To: Make Your Own Block Printed Napkins
5 DIY Place Card Ideas for the Holidays
How To: Felt Flowers For Your Holiday Table
Rules of Engagement: Appropriate Holiday Dinner Talk
Handcrafted Holiday: DIY Centerpiece Project Roundup
Big Impact, Low Budget: Setting a Stylish Table

Celebrating Thanksgiving in London
Real Life at Home: Colleen's First Thanksgiving
My First Holiday Hosting Experience: Kim Cooks a Turkey
A Thanksgiving of Firsts: Tara's Urban Family Dinner
Real Life at Home: Abby's First Thanksgiving

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