For most people, a home office has to be versatile. Whether your office is in view of the rest of the house, or the space doubles as a guest bedroom/ craft room/ library/ etc, you want it to look good. If you're looking to upgrade your office, look no further than these 10 picks, each of which is as beautiful as it is useful.

Just replacing a basic trash can or pencil holder with one of these will instantly elevate your space, and going for all of them will transform your desk into an art gallery.

  1. Codify Pencil Holder ($48, Anthropologie)
  2. GhostStand ($35, TwelveSouth)
  3. Uselen Letter Opener ($30, MOMA Store)
  4. Alessi Blow Up Magazine Holder ($133, LBC Modern)
  5. Perpetual Calendar ($45, MOMA Store)
  6. Casa Standing Wastebin ($353, Pure Modern)
  7. Hedgehog Card Holder ($7, MOMA Store)
  8. Alessi Fierzo Desk Organizer ($58, LBC Modern)
  9. Kikkerland Bear & Elephant Document Organizers ($25, All Modern)
  10. Alessi Trina Pencil Holder ($80, All Modern)