The Most Flower-ful House I've Ever Seen

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With more whispers of Winter storms on their way through the Midwest this week, I'm swearing off all things involving the middle of the country. Show me beaches, show me flowers, show me anything other than my shovel and snow boots! These Flickr photos of a beach front home are helping, can you guess where it's located?

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You can find this home at Alki Beach in Seattle, Washington and I think it takes the cake for the most flowers on the exterior or a space I've ever seen. Can you imagine walking out to the intoxicating smell of all those blooms?

I like that they aren't extra snooty, they're just fun, vibrant and fresh — exactly what we needed in the doldrums of Winter! Do you have an extra creative or colorful house near you? Make sure to drop us a line and let us take a peek!

Image: Flickr member razvan.orendovici licensed for use by Creative Commons

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