The days are getting warmer and sparklier, and it's time to head outside. What better way to enjoy your yard than by playing shiny, pretty games while ice cubes tinkle merrily in your drink? And for those of us without yards, someone really needs to invent Fire Escape Horseshoes...

  • I've never played boules (or pétanque), but as it seems to involve copious amounts of cheating and drinking (at least according to A Year In Provence), I'm in. This gorgeous chrome set from Jaques London will surely distract my opponents from my lack of skills.
  • I don't get to play horseshoes often, but I love the clank of metal, the arching flight of the shoes, and the satisfying old-timiness of it all. The option of being silver or gold (depending on my outfit) makes the game irresistible, thanks to the Franklin Classic Horseshoe Set from Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Garden dominoes: whoever heard of such a thing? It sounds delightfully Alice In Wonderlandesque. Jaques London also makes a Giant Garden Domino set, with a lovely wood veneer and and hand gold-blocked "pips" (dots). Would you really put these on your grass?
  • If you don't have £70 to spend on dominoes, why not make your own? A Beautiful Mess' excellent DIY Domino tutorial could easily be scaled up to make garden-size dominoes. And you could use gold paint for the pips!
  • Do you have any idea what quoits is? I don't, but I like the look of it — kind of like birthday candles. Sadly, this hardwood Original Royal Quoits Set from Jaques London is sold out, but they have other very nice ones.
  • Chanel makes a bocce set? Of course they do. The set was featured on AnOther Loves, and Chanel says only "For additional information, please contact your CHANEL boutique". You know what that means: $$$.
  • The last game I have to show you is the one that inspired this post...and I'm not sure if it's still available. This handmade bocce set from Fredericks & Mae is simply gorgeous, and I sincerely hope they continue to make it, even if I can't afford it in a million years. It's just so pretty.
(All images as credited above.)