Open floorplans are all the rage. You know why? Because interior designers are finally figuring out that no matter the occassion—couples dinner, cocktail party or study group—everybody ends up in the kitchen. So lets make the kitchen, dining room and living room one space ...and throw the home office in there while you're at it. Here's eight kitchen offices that get it right.

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  1. Flickr user Jan Charles Linus Ekenstam's 27" iMac home office is in his kitchen just temporarily while he's "waiting on a table or something to have a proper workstation instead." In the meantime, he admits being close to the coffee or tea is a plus.
  2. Prettywar-stl's quaint-but-colorful workspace finds a home between the kitchen and bathroom in this Flickr find.
  3. Better Homes and Gardens suggests that a kitchen niche is the perfect spot to "pay bills and cook a casserole without ever leaving the room." You can "utilize spare kitchen space by adding adjustable wire shelving to bare walls" and make it all work by "continuing the kitchen color scheme in the under-desk storage area."
  4. Clearly a kitchen fan, Flickr user ooh_food shows us an ultra-modern red computer nook.
  5. The home of Jay Shafer in Sebastopol, California, here shot by Flickr user Telstar Logistics is a 100 square foot cottage that packs a workspace into his tiny, rustic kitchen. Not surprisingly, Jay is the founder of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

  7. A lovely lady gets some cooking help from a black MacBook in her kitchen workstation in this shot from Flickr user Rsms.
  8. In another Better Homes and Gardens shot, the kitchen island's convertible table slides out "making it perfect spot for a homework station, setting up a laptop, or paying bills."
  9. Country Living features this built-in kitchen workspace that showcases a big advantage of setting up shop in the kitchen rather than a traditional desk: There can be tons more storage available to you.