The Museum of Useful Things

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Two Bushel Wheeled Hamper

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There's often great beauty in the designs that have stood the test of time or been used in our daily lives for longer than we can remember. And, if you didn't know it, there is also a museum devoted to these things - the arcane category of the "useful thing..."

It's called The Museum of Useful Things.

Located in Cambridge, MA, The MUT, as it's known, is an awesome source - online and off - of "hard to find industrial and vintage style goods for work or living." Founded by Timothy and Susan Corcoran, the museum celebrates the everyday object, hosts a permanent collection of 19th and 20th century useful items and challenges us "to glance about our environment and look at the implements and tools used in our daily routines in a new light."

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File Bands

And then there's the store, where you'll be in pig heaven trolling through many, smaller, inexpensive objects that you both want and want to give to others. Enjoy.

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Sigg Metro Mug

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Swim Locker Basket

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