The Necessities of a Beer Fridge?

The Necessities of a Beer Fridge?

Grace Shu
Mar 10, 2008

When we first moved to LA, we were surprised when we had to buy a fridge for our apartment. We had no idea that the majority of apartments in LA don't come with the essential refrigerator (and sometimes, also missing a stove). Fast forward a condo and a few years later, and we ended up having two refrigerators on our hands...

[ Photo from PorkandWhiskey blog ]

After reading an article online from Australia's Sydney Morning Herald about the added expense a second fridge can have, we decided to give ours away. But every once in awhile (namely, when prepping for a party or contemplating adding a ping pong table to the back house), we reminisce about how handy it would be to have a stocked beer fridge on hand...

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