Twelve Years Later: 1990s Blobitecture Apartment

Twelve Years Later: 1990s Blobitecture Apartment

Aaron Able
Jan 29, 2009

Another installment of Once/Again in today's Times — the Manhattan apartment of Lucy Waring was first featured in The New York Times in 1997 when it was completed by architects Sulan Kolatan and William Mac Donald for the previous owners, Beatrix Ost and Ludwig Kuttner. The extremely unique biomorphic walls and "blobitecture" are a result of the emerging digital design tools new to architects at the time...

The 1,600-square-foot two-bedroom apartment is bizarrely 90s with its acid colors and eerie bathroom. The full story from The New York Times: In a Manhattan Apartment, Back to the Future and more pictures in the slideshow!

(Images: Fred R. Conrad)

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