Well-Preserved Dated Decor

The New York Times

If you like the Guess The Decade features on Apartment Therapy Chicago, you'll this story and slide show from The New York Times: homes that are caught in a decor time warp. This collection of homes from across the country all have distinct styles that remain untouched style-wise and in near-pristine condition. A modern 50s home in Berkeley, a 60s ranch in New Jersey, a 70s home in California, and an 80s apartment in NYC...

1 Donald E. and Helen Olsen have lived in this modern Berkeley, California home since 1954. Their furnishings include original Marcel Breuer chairs and a George Nelson sofa from 1955.
2 S. Stephen and Alice Atkins 60s ranch in Livingston, New Jersey — check out the brass wall hanging!
3 Jason Reitzin's home in Encino, California is very 70s — he even rents it out for film and TV productions as a "period home."
4 Richard and Barbara Rubens triplex in Riverdale, the Bronx shows of a harsh 80s style of mirrors and glossy black finishes. The furnishings include a black leather sectional sofa from Thayer Coggin.

Check out the full story and ALL the pictures: Living in a Time Capsule and the slide show.

(Image: ©2009 Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times, Michal Czerwonka, Aaron Houston, Matthew Millman for The New York Times)

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