Octagonal Carriage House in Hoboken

Octagonal Carriage House in Hoboken

Aaron Able
Aug 31, 2009

This odd octagonal home in Hoboken, New Jersey showed up as a featured property in The New York Times Real Estate section. A 3-story carriage house, the bizarre shape has us curious about the space and the challenge it presents.

More familiar with the challenges of curved walls and odd nooks and crannies, a small and tall octagonal home clearly presents major challenges. You can see more pictures of the unique space at The New York Times | Urban Cottage and the full real estate listing is over at Liberty Realty.

The 3 bedroom home is listed for $849,000. Why, oh why, is there no floor plan?

P.S. Red paint is really hard to pull off!

(Image: ©2009 Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times)

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