Holiday Entertaining: The Extra Seating Dilemma

Unless you already have quite a large dining set up, holiday and dinner parties bring out the age-old problem of needing more seats at the table. Juggling the extra seats can be quite challenging during this time.

How do you handle the extra chairs? Do you have them stuffed in a closet or displayed around the house? Are they formal chairs or fold-ups? You want them to be comfy, but not too big. You don't want your guests to feel they were 'stuck' with the bad chair all night. And you also want them to look good around the table. They are often less expensive then your regular dining chairs, but how cheap do you go? Or do you throw all care to the wind and start pulling over rolling office chairs and such?

Let us know how you handle your extra seating dilemmas below. (And if you're in the market for some folding chairs, check out our annual roundup of the very best ones here.)

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