The Organizing Accessories Expert Travelers Always Have in Their Suitcase

The Organizing Accessories Expert Travelers Always Have in Their Suitcase

Marlen Komar
Apr 14, 2017
(Image credit: Stocksy / Daniel Kim)

If you think packing is stressful, it's probably because you don't have the tools to make it easy. Take it from me, a converted messy person. I was a slob to the nth degree; where chaos reigned in any room I stepped in. But I quickly learned the only reason that most of my messes happened was because I refused to invest in actual organizing tools, which are literally designed to keep your life tidy. When every item has a home, it's hard to be messy. And the same holds true for your suitcase.

So if you're tired of having a packed bag that looks upended every time you open it, try tidying it up with some of these amazing organizing accessories that expert travelers always pack. From jewelry cases to tech storage, this will have you covered.

Mesh Cubes

If you've just been folding your clothes and throwing them into your suitcase, your old routine will feel practically prehistoric once you try packing cubes. You can separate your knits from your pants, your blouses from your dresses or lounge wear, and your underwear will no longer be haphazardly rolling around on the bottom, ready to spring out in the most opportune embarrassing moment. You'll feel Monica-Geller-level organized, even if you're a slob through and through. And to keep things even more transparent and easily accessible, opt for mesh cubes like these so you can see where everything is in a glance.

Labeled Storage Bags

If you're going somewhere for a short weekend and don't have enough items to warrant a stack of packing cubes, then these fun suitcase bags can be another option. They're great because they separate your knick-knacks and accessories from the bulk of your clothes. For example, the cute little bag with the bra printed on it is for your undies, while the one with the ballet flats are for your shoes, helping separate your dirty soles from your clothes. You'll know exactly where everything is in your bag at a glance, and their fun designs help make your suitcase less stressful and more charming. (There's also a more masculine version of this if you don't want to store your boxers in a bag decorated with lacy panties. But no judgment!)

Rolo Travel Bag

Do you want to beat the system and take a carry-on and small bag, but you hate the messy way a backpack treats your clothes? This Rolo Travel Bag is genius for that purpose: When it lays flat, you slip your folded clothes in. Then you roll it up like a yoga mat, and sling it over your shoulder like a bag. This is great if you need a little more room than your carry-on bag can accommodate, or if you don't want to grab a suitcase and can just handle the minimalism of a single bag. (And to those under-packers, we salute and envy you.)