The Original Pantone

The Original Pantone

Andie Powers
May 14, 2014
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Did you know that long before Panton, there was another documented color guide for artists and designers? Historian Erik Kwakkel recently discovered a Renaissance color guide created by Dutch artist A. Boogart in 1692.

(Image credit: Erik Kwakkel)

All of the color "swatches" were created in watercolor paints, and the book contains over 700 pages of documented color mixes. "In the 17th century, an age known as the Golden Age of Dutch Painting, this manual would have hit the right spot. It makes sense, then, that the author explains in the introduction that he wrote the book for educational purposes," says Kwakkel.

Click over to historian Erik Kwakkel's tumblr for more information and more photos (plus a full page-scape of the book here). What a beautiful find!

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