The Perfect Desk Accessory? A Cup!

We're always trying to bring you the best solutions for organizing your workspace. But even the most hi-tech, super-modern gadget can't hold a candle to this device—and you probably already have several! Whether it's holding coffee or pencils, soda or sharpies, it seems like a simple drinking glass or mug is—and has always been—the perfect accessory for desks.

Each of the pictures above features a desk that makes good use of a cup—whether it's serving its intende purpose as a manual beverage dispenser, or doing something more utilitarian like holding papers down or keeping pens together.

No, it's not a new idea. But we can catch inspiration from each of these desks who make an old-school DIY idea look beautiful. (Don't you love those initial mugs?!):

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Taryn is a writer, maker, and designer in Atlanta, Georgia. Living in an apartment with her husband and their Boston Terrier, Bacon, she loves to entertain and hates having a tiny kitchen.