Perfect Travel Clocks, Tablet Style

Perfect Travel Clocks, Tablet Style

Joelle Alcaidinho
Aug 24, 2012

While many prefer to use their phone as a bedside alarm clock, I'm rather partial to using a tablet. Why? Because I wear glasses, and by using a tablet with giant numbers I can read the time without reaching for the specs or grabbing the device and holding it up to my face! My tablet also makes a brilliant travel clock because it means I can shut my phone off to prevent phone calls from people who forget what time zone I'm in, and still be able to tell the time and set an alarm. For those who love a snazzy tablet clock app for the aforementioned reasons and more, this week's roundup is for you.

Chameleon Clock: Although this one is not suitable as an alarm clock, it is my favorite travel tablet clock app. I love how it blends in with my surroundings yet is easy to read. One fun thing for those who frequently travel is to take screenshots of this app in action with the background from where you're staying. It's fun to look at the various backgrounds all stamped with the time and date and look back at where you were. $.99

Alarm Clock HD: This is the app that I turn to when I need the tablet clock to also function as an alarm. While I don't take advantage of the extra features like a social media feed, the app does provide that option. Free, $.99

Night Stand HD: It's easy to see why reader Atkryan uses this app every night — it truly is a snazzy looking clock app! Free, $1.99

Alarm Clock Plus: With over 1 million downloads, there has to be something that this app is doing right. User reviews talk up its ease of use and array of customizable options. Free, $.99

WakeVoice: The big draw with this app is that you can use your voice to interact with the alarm. For those who always wished their bedside clock could speak to them, this app will also talk to you with customizable messages, like ones about the weather and the news. Free, $2.99

Gentle Alarm: This app was suggested by reader Technical Merritt who likes it for the many ways it can be customized. Free, $2.50

Did we leave out your favorite tablet bedside clock app? Let us know in the comments!

(Images 1-2: Gregory Han , 3-7 as linked above)

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