The Perfekt Desk is Apparently Emo

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What is the perfect desk? Does it have plenty of desktop space? Lots of storage space? A great cord-management system built-in? Technology-appropriate clean lines and modern touches? What if the perfect desk had feelings?

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The Perfekt Desk, an entry in the Emotionalize Your Light competition, is enhanced by LED lights around the edge of the desktop and also in a pendant lamp fixture hanging from the ceiling. The designer hopes that you customize the color of the lights "to your musik or feelings."

It's also a good way to let your coworkers know if it's a bad day to bring you bad news. ("Oh, John's desk is bright red. Maybe we shouldn't tell him about the changes until tomorrow.")

But it really might be the perfect desk, incorporating a ton of desktop space and cable channels, which "help you to fight the chaos on your desk." Check out the prototype page here.

Via Core77

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