The Pros & Cons of Tech In the Bedroom

The Pros & Cons of Tech In the Bedroom

Julienne Lin
Mar 30, 2012

Since we're so connected to our devices, the internet, email and apps all day long, it's nice to have a place of sanctuary that doesn't include tech. It makes sense for the bedroom to be that sanctuary, but often times tech seems to find its way in there anyway. Here, in our experience, are the pros and cons of keeping tech in the bedroom.

Saving Space
Instead of having an alarm clock or some sort of dashboard that tells you the weather, you can just keep your phone on your bedside. We're long past the days where our phones are only used as phones. You can replace a clock, a radio, and music players all with your phone, given you have a smart phone.

The couple hours we have before retiring for the night are often spent doing leisure activities to unwind from the day, like reading or catching up on TV shows, as well as playing some casual games and chatting with friends. Keeping tech in your bedroom, like a laptop or a tablet, provides entertainment before you turn in.

Having a desktop setup in the bedroom can be convenient when it comes to working late, especially if you have roommates and don't want to disturb them. If you're one who tends to work late into the night or likes to do personal projects at early or late hours, having your computer setup readily accessible can improve your work efficiency.

Lack of Interactivity with Others
If there's only one TV in your apartment and you have roommates, we find that the better option is to keep the TV in a common area versus keeping it in your bedroom. Keeping the TV in a common area encourages interaction with others, whether you have roommates or have people over. We wouldn't encourage holing yourself up in your room with the TV always on.

Disturbing Your Significant Other
If you have a significant other that you share your space with, we'd definitely encourage keeping less tech in the bedroom if possible, A desktop setup could be especially disruptive if you work late into the night when the other person is trying to sleep. And again, it's better to engage more human interaction after hours than to continue playing with tech.

Not Unplugging
As much as we love all our tech, we also strongly believe in having breaks from time to time. Given the way we are hyper connected to our email and text messages and all the apps we use on a daily basis, it's always good to exercise some "tech downtime." This is the main con we see with filling your bedroom with tech — there just isn't much of a break from it.

In conclusion, we feel like it's inevitable to have some tech in the bedroom, especially portable devices like your phone or a tablet, but it's best to keep the big stuff, like TVs and desktop computers, elsewhere. However, all this is contingent on each person's living situation as well.

How much tech do you keep in your bedroom?

(Images: Julienne Lin)

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