The Quick (And Shapely) Style Shake-Up Your Tired Gallery Wall Needs

The Quick (And Shapely) Style Shake-Up Your Tired Gallery Wall Needs

Adrienne Breaux
Dec 5, 2015

Are you totally tired of your current gallery art wall? No matter how you mix up your existing art pieces, you might not be getting the refreshing new look you're after. Try this simple and quick design trick involving shape that could be the style shake-up you're looking for.

→ Hang one piece in your gallery wall mix that's a different shape than all the others

Whether you buy new, find thrifted or make from scratch, mixing a circular art or decor piece into your gallery wall of square and rectangular-shaped art and decor will make a bold impact. The same if you have all circular-shaped pieces and mix in a square (or triangle!) shape. Place it in the center of your gallery wall arrangement — its placement and different shape than the rest of your hanging wall decor will catch the eye immediately and elevate the entire arrangement.

As you can see in the multiple angles of these photos from Charlotte and Tom's Charming 1904 Family Home in London, it doesn't really matter what direction you look at a gallery wall that has one differently shaped decor piece; it's a dynamic arrangement that catches the eye and adds interest to the entire space.

Though a simple move involving only the addition of a new shape, this could be just the shake-up your tired gallery wall needs for 2016. Try it today!

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