The Real Estalker

Mark Ruffalo's Los Angeles Bennett Drive home.
Grace has been called to save the planet (aka take care of her day job), so in honour of her and to take a gander at following in her admittedly large footsteps, we wanted to present to you one of our secret obsessions related to home and celebrity. Introducing the Real Estalker...

If you've ever whipped your head around when spotting a celebrity, thumbed through US Magazine, People or The National Enquirer to find out about Renee and Bradley, Angelina and Brad and Jennifer (still? C'mon people, she's gotta be over it by now) or described a hotel as "y'know, the one where Pretty Woman took place, " then the Real Estalker will become your daily, guilty pleasure.

Here you'll get photos, floor plans, and the inside scoop on the behind-the-scenes drama of your favorite celebrities and their homes all narrated by Your Mama, a straight-from-hip fast talking lady who knows exactly what her celebrity-real-estate lovin' children need. Whether you want to see how your favorite celebrity lives, use their bedroom as an inspiration for decorating your own or you're just curious to see who's moving where, this is your blog. Start real estalking here. You know you want to.