The Red Book

The Red Book

Julia Cho
Mar 17, 2010

Every week after our library's story time, we choose a few new books for our daughter. When nap time is calling, we have to choose quickly so some are gems, while others are well, not. This one is a new favorite.

This is a wordless book so it's a nice break from the usual. The story is thought-provoking nonetheless. A young girl living in the city finds the red book...similar to the one you as a reader are holding. In it she sees a young boy on an island. The boy also sees the book and in it, he sees the girl in the city.

This is a special book, and a Caldecott Honor Book we should also mention, that sparks the imagination with its beautiful illustrations and evocative story, a great read for a quiet afternoon. You can find it here.

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