Tomy Dustbot: The Roomba of 1985

Tomy Dustbot: The Roomba of 1985

Taryn Williford
Jan 23, 2009

Roomba is a saving grace for anybody with a hairy pet or a penchant for potting plants (it also makes a pretty great PacMan mod, too). But back in 1985, the adorable Tomy Dustbot out-Roombaed Roomba with edge sensors and a teeny tiny dustpan...

Way back almost a quarter-century ago when Roomba was just a sparkle in his daddy's eye, Dustbot was the first robot to feature a built-in vacuum cleaner.

Dustbot's large eyes flash red and his arms move and make a sweeping action with the included teeny-sized broom, while his vacuum takes up the rear and picks up all the swept up dust bunnies. And just like Roomba, when he senses any edge, he turns away.

We've got no idea how well Tomy Dustbot did picking up after his owners, but if you remember this guy, please do leave us a comment!

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