Rustic Apartment Therapy Test Lab Gets Featured in The New York Times

This just in. All last week I was out in Springs prepping my place for the photoshoot and to answer all of Elaine Louie's questions. Today the very lovely little story with stunning pics by Eric Striffler about my family home is in the Home Section: Tree by Tree, Yurt by Yurt. More pics below!

(top pics by Eric Striffler. Check out his link.)

This is very much my family's weekend and summer home since the late 70's. What you see in the pics is the result of work that has spanned decades. In a very real way it's been my experimental test lab for ideas that have come from all over, particularly from our web sites during the last eight years. If you look around you will recognize a lot, I am sure.

>>Tree by Tree, Yurt by Yurt by Elaine Louie

Eric's amazing pics from the artlcle are available behind the link above, and I've included my own pics below. Enjoy!

The White House

The Garden

The Barn