The Seasonal Clothing Shuffle: What's Your Strategy?

The Seasonal Clothing Shuffle: What's Your Strategy?

Tara Bellucci
May 23, 2013

Boston temperatures reached the 80s last week, but I've yet to break out the sundresses and put away the coats. The warm weather wear is still in the basement, while my puffy jackets are taking up space in the closet. I'm making myself tackle the change this weekend, but what motivates you to switch your clothes out for the season?

Cerebrally, I agree with Abby's thoughts about the unexpected benefits of the seasonal switch. It's a great time to clean out stuff that doesn't fit your body or your style, and you can even make some cash or donate it to a good cause. Yet, I dread it every time. 

Perhaps it's because the shuffle itself sounds deceptively simple, but always takes me the better part of a Saturday (often spilling over into Sunday). The schlepping, the sorting, the washing, the folding, the hanging. Hours in, I end up hoping I never left the house in that dress with the splotch on it and daydreaming how I would much rather be spending this time. 

Then, the day after the godforsaken process is over, there's a cold snap or a heat wave. Figures.

Do you switch clothes seasonally? How do you manage?

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