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While not everyone shares a level of TV show fandom that necessitates themed cakes, there are more ways now than ever to engage and obsess over one's favorite shows. Whether you'd categorize yourself as a "superfan" who interacts online while watching or just want to make sure to remember when to DVR a show you've been waiting to air with your favorite Doctor (hello, Spies of Warsaw), here are a few tablet apps for your iPads, Android and Windows 8 tablet that are worth a look-see. 


1. Xbox SmartGlass (Windows 8, Android, & iOS), Free.
2. IMDb Movies & TV (Android & iOS), Free.
3. Into_Now (iOS & Android), Free.
4. TiVo (Android & iOS), Free.
5. TV Listings for TiVo (Windows 8), $1.49.


6. GetGlue (iPad & Android), Free.
7. Primetime TV (Windows 8), Free.
8. Can I Stream It? (iOS & Android), Free.
9. Fanhattan (iOS), Free.
10. TWC TV (Android & iOS), Free. TWC not your TV provider? Check your tablet app store as many providers both of cable and satellite now have apps.

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