A Secret Weapon to Keeping Home Clean & Tidy

Comment of the Day

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Earlier today we posted about the seven ways you might be making it harder to keep your house clean. It seemed to really resonate with a lot of people. And many of us still struggle with figuring out how to keep home neat and tidy. One comment from that post had a secret trick to making life a little easier...

The secret weapon — a set of baskets and a tray that you use for very specific cleaning and tidying purposes — was proposed by Khat:

Use a tray if you're snacking anywhere but the kitchen — it keeps all your dishes corralled & makes it easier to get them back to the kitchen.

Use a basket: if you tend to leave a trail of books, pens, notebooks (or electronic tablets), cell phones, chargers, nail polish, cat brushes & many etceteras where ever you go, start carrying them in a handled basket.

Use a basket II: I love picnic baskets, the ones with lids. I have one in almost every room & toss all the clutter into them at least once a day. Nothing gets lost, everything's out of sight, carry it around to put things away.

Use a basket III: laundry baskets! When you're doing housecleaning, toss your cleaning supplies into one & carry it around with you. Toss anything that's out of its place into the basket & put it away as you go. Use them when gardening, too — hose it out when you're done.

(Image credits: Maxwell Ryan)