The Share TV Could Save Marriages

What's the number one subject couples fight about? Television. OK, so we're sure that the answer is actually 'money,' but 'TV' has got to be way up there. But where there's a problem, somebody's inventing a solution: Meet the Share TV.

The Share TV, when it's mounted on the wall, looks just like your standard-issue OLED TV. You and your S.O. can enjoy a quiet evening watching movies.

But when it's time for him to watch the Tigers game and for her to check out The Real Housewives, you can snap out the screen to reveal two separate pictures. Lift one screen off as a portable tablet TV and leave the other in the wall-mounted frame. Congratulations, you just saved yourself from divorce!

This is also a great idea for dueling siblings, although it's not really going to teach them about compromise or anything.

Via Yanko Deisgn

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