The Small, Cool Outdoors Contest 2011: The Winners!

The Small, Cool Outdoors Contest 2011: The Winners!

Cambria Bold
Aug 31, 2011
If we didn't know it before, we certainly know it now: small outdoor spaces can be incredibly cool, thanks to an abundance of creativity, color, and smart space planning. Out of 48 entries posted to our Small, Cool Outdoors Contest, six distinguished themselves and worked their way into the hearts of our readers. And now, announcing the Grand Prize winner and the super-awesome runner-ups. Drum roll, please! WHAT READERS SAID: • I love the balance that is evident as the plants are situated just perfectly around the space. Also, the use of flowering and non-flowering plants adds to the already peaceful atmosphere! Just beautiful!Totally beautiful.They are all great, but MUST vote for this one as I've done this - lots of plants on the deck and no hose. It's hard work and time consuming. Kudos on the orange tree.. It's beautiful...great job!

WHAT READERS SAID: • Cozy and comfy with an abundance of life. Well done!Loving it! Can just imagine sharing a glass of wine out there!This one is probably the smallest of all the finalists - but every inch of space is used to great and cosy effect. That gets my vote!

WHAT READERS SAID: • What a great little addition of a sand box for little ones! You can design a cozy deck for me anytime. LOVE IT!Your unique style and creativity really shines here, love the eclectic fabric and patterns!This is a fantastic space—beautiful, comfortable, fun, functional and inviting. Wow!

WHAT READERS SAID: • Such a cute, warm feel in such a hard city to live in. What a little oasis! Great job!So cool. What a warm, beautiful space to savor. I love everything about it - the benches, the plant area, the color and the kitty. I could sit around that table forever. Beautiful job of transforming a nothing space into something so inviting. I need to be there!I love the lights strung across the top! It makes the space look so magical! It's a fantasy outdoor living room!

International Winner: Anna's Little Balcony
WHAT READERS SAID: • Simple, elegant, and lovely.Just love your small space!My favorite so far. (And that's saying something!)

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the contest, and everyone who looked, commented, and voted! And a big thank you to our prize sponsor, PUBLIC Bikes!

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