The Smart, Easy Way to File Your Digital Photos So You'll Actually Find Them Again

Comment of the Day

An easy lesson in life that can be hard to learn is that keeping things simple is not a shameful way to go, in fact, it's usually smart! Sometimes you just need someone's permission to go the sensible route, so I thought I'd share a two-second tip from Ruby Mae, plucked from today's comments...

Some sound advice for all of us photographers who have a hard time keeping our precious pix in order...

As a long time photographer, who has been shooting digital for many years now, I recommend for most people to use subject folders rather than date folders (year/month). Unless you border on savant, most people will remember the subject of a photo, rather than the month is was taken. When searching later for photos, you're more likely to find it if you've filed it be subject.

Thanks, Ruby Mae!

(Image credits: Leela Cyd)