The Smart Strip Power Strip Stops Passive Energy Waste

The Smart Strip Power Strip Stops Passive Energy Waste

Gregory Han
Nov 29, 2007

Did you know the average household uses nearly 75% of all electricty on devices and appliances set to an "off" setting? That means those computers, video game consoles, TVs, DVD players, stereos and cell phone/iPod chargers are all Count Draculas sucking energy continually throughout the day despite being turned "off". The Smart Strip Power Strip is a keen device which programs for total energy shut off to a series of interrelated devices, such as a home office setup or a entertainment unit.

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The Smart Strip Power Strip automatically turns off all peripherals plugged into the three designated outlets (marked in red) when the main system/computer plugged into one main controlling socket (blue) is powered down. The unit also comes with a $30,000 equipment meltdown warranty and lightning strike/surge protection feature, available for about $42. We're thinking of replacing both our entertainment system and home office setup with a couple of these, and hopefully we'll see a notable reduction in power usage while also protecting our investments.

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