The Space Between: A Microhome in Tokyo

When writer Etgar Keret built his 4-foot-wide home in Poland, we debated the practicality of living in such a tight space. He's not the only one willing to try it — Japanese firm ondesign just built their own version of a skinny home in Tokyo. The results are airier and sunnier than you might expect…

The home's interior belies its narrow footprint — elegant glass walls, wood staircases, and clever architectural details combine to create an almost delicate-looking space. Designed by Osamu Nishida and Naoko Mangyoku, the house fits into a 300-square-foot bit of land in the Bunkyo-Ku ward of Tokyo. From the street, it looks a little bit modern and a little bit like an art project. What do you think? Could this be a new way to live? Would you be willing to try it?

See more pictures at ondesign's website.

Via: Spoon & Tomago

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(Images: Ikunori Yamamoto for ondesign)

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