The Spring Cure: Week Two - Weekend

The Spring Cure: Week Two - Weekend

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 17, 2007

Anthea rearranged her apartment and created this lovely workspace. What's that beautiful deep wall color?

Stay the course. Instead of linking today, I'm going to jump in and address some questions.

Feeling overwhelmed? The toughest weeks come right in the beginning as you make an adjustment to doing this work and realize how big a job it can be (the kitchen is also a tough room). Don't give up. Empty your Outbox more often if need be and keep your feet moving under you. Here's a survey to see where you all are, and below the jump, I've written in some specific replies...(btw sorry not to get this up earlier. My computer crashed and I had to start over. Almost had a fit ;-).)

LauraII: is absolutely right. The Cure is a framework and you should use it and tailor it to guide you towards your goal. Move fast or slow, do one room or all the rooms, and fall back on the structure whenever you feel you are getting lost or distracted.

graphxgrrl: brings up the issue of how to work with the Style Tray, that some others have as well. She puts it well, "the pieces you're finding all have some commonalities that'll help point you in the right direction." You are looking for the DNA of your style and not one room that you want to copy exactly. When you have enough pictures, you should be able to find elements that are recurring, which you can then integrate into your home. Also, when you work first on your Style Tray, you focus your eye and have a better chance at creating a more coherent style than if you started by walking into a store and went shopping.

Katy: You and your roommate got differing results when "grading" your home. In this case, I would go with the lowest assessment. If one of your is comfortable, but the other is not, then you are Curing to make it comfortable for both of you. Never deny yourself permission to make your home more comfortable.

• Pixie: Our lightboxes are really pretty simple and I copied them from a friend who did the same thing. The key here is simply putting a ceramic outlet inside your cabinets and wiring it to a dimmer and a plug. This can all be done DIY. For bulbs I used the long thin ones so that they stayed up and away from the clothing. Be warned, however, the bulbs - if left on high a lot - heat up the cabinets and will shorten the life of all the elastic in your underwear and bras, etc.... The light is magical however, and shining through the plexiglass doors (from Canal Plastics Center), it disperses darkness and enlarges your feeling of the room.

Mod*Mom: I really hope you're feeling better. The norovirus sucks eggs (had it twice).

• Mlle Kate: Let it go! Zooza is right, holding on to your stuff to sell it later is just another form of holding on to it. Let it go and don't worry about the money. If someone loves your cast-offs and puts them to good use, that's the best payment in the world.

• Nicole: You HAVE to send us pics of your new Gorilla glued to the floor sofa! We've used that stuff too and been surprised by it's ability to "foam" and "expand" so that it got on everything. It was on our hands for days.

Candice: I totally know your water filter dilemma. We've done them all (except for the undercounter system). Right now we're back to the Britta pitcher, and it is *fine* but not great. I'd do the undercounter system, but we don't have the room under there and it is labor intensive. However, I would say that if you put in the effort to do it, you'll probably be really happy you did it and wonder why you waited so long. If it really bothers you, then go for the best solution and check it off your list!

Good Quote from Alcemily:

I wish you all had a friend like my friend Gretchen, who is one of those people that can live happily in a studio apartment -- it's beautiful and doesn't feel crowded. She came to my house to give me advice, looked around, and then waved her hand airily towards one corner and said, "It would look really nice if that corner were empty." That corner held at that point a dining table and chairs (loaded with stuff), a small desk (loaded with stuff), the cat's scratching post, etc. So it became my project to empty that corner. And I did. And the room does look a lot better. But it sure helped to have a consultant give me a specific assignment!

So -- be ruthless! Get rid of excess stuff!

This Week's Assignment:

Week Two

Last week you got inspired, this week you go to work. In the Deep Treatment you are going to focus on the kitchen. You will declutter and clean your kitchen from the top down and then cook a meal you actually like! There are other smaller tasks as well, such as filtering your tap water and planning a housewarming, but the kitchen is your target.

In the One Room Workout, you will probably be focusing on another room in your home. At this point, your task is to arrange the room on paper to best meet your needs. Additionally, it is time to take your inspiration and crystallize it into your vision for the project. Remember, once you have a clear port to sail towards, the trip becomes much easier.

Info:The Cure posts will go up twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays (or sometimes Friday or Saturday), allowing for plenty of comment space. We will be pulling comments and pics to the front page post each week and everyone is urged to take pics and post them to this great Flickr pool or simply tag them with "apartmenttherapycure." See our old pics here too.

(The last post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)
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