The Spring Cure: Sacred Space

Week 7 - Show & Tell

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As week 7 is just over the mid-week hump the Cure feels like a downhill race to the finish line. Our Spring Cure Flickr pool is starting to fill up with a few more polished photos and we wrestled up 10 of them that are just out of sight. Here's to hoping these completed (or almost anyway) rooms, nooks and crannies inspire you through the rest of your Cure journey.

1. Joymich's bathroom is quite the inspirational space. It's full of color, texture and doesn't feel over cluttered or claustrophobic.

2. Steph 123's bedroom is light bright and full of color. There are notes on the Flickr page with additions to be made and things that have been done. Can you believe those curtains used to be all white?!

3. Kknina's alcove bedroom is packed with cool greys and fabulous lighting. There's 3 sources of light and looks like a restful place to catch a cat nap for sure!

4. Mamidelux's pair of chairs make for a great statement that not only has color from the pillows, but texture from the caning of the seats, stripes in the rug and the horizontal lines of the blinds. How fun!

5. bibidream's industrial entryway is starting to take shape. We're ridiculously excited to see the outcome of this project as we're complete suckers for industrial looks in modern everyday homes! Make sure to keep us posted! There's more pictures of this project in the Flickr pool, so take a look!

6. AKAwhiteknuckles work space has a great feel and a few painted up clip boards. We loved the look before, but love it even more now!

7. cloudyweathergirl's outdoor space has a great feel, even though it's not yet complete. The table doubles as a hideout for the bike to help keep it out of the elements.

8. ohsweetie's chalkboard/record area is off to a great start. Although we're hoping the player goes away from the chalk dust, we love the space none the less and would love to point out that if you do have a chalkboard wall in your home... at some point in time, there will be this image drawn on it.

9. paradem's sunroom/office has made great strides. Click on over to see the before photo! Now it's a great place to relax, enjoy mother nature and get a little work done when needs be.

10. chloe & ivan's super spread looks like the place to be for a snack today! Are you still remembering to cook at home? Is it getting more difficult as the weeks go on. Try snapping a few pictures of your food to help you remember why you love eating at home so much!

Has there been a space that's just knocked your socks off this Cure? Our Flickr pool is literally busting with inspiration, make sure to add your photos or share a favorite link in the comments below!

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