The Spring Cure: Throwing A Party!

The Spring Cure: Throwing A Party!

Sarah Rae Smith
May 5, 2010

• Cure Clock: This is the final week!
• Assignment: Read Chapter 8 - Throwing a Party
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This week we're all working on throwing a party in our refreshed spaces. Even though it can sometimes seem like a hassle to get things clean, prepped and prepared for friends and family to come for a visit, it's one of the best things you can do for your spaces. Watch the flow of traffic, see where people feel comfortable sitting and more importantly, take a compliment for your recent hard work! Speaking of, on to this week's show and tell photos!

We're nearing the end, so if you've been waiting to upload photos, the time to hesitate is through! We need to see it all! Little improvements, big changes, the works! It all has a place in our Flickr Pool and if you're still not on board with those options you can email me your photos in hopes to have them included in the last few posts of this Cure! We want to make sure everyone is accounted for, so snap a few and send them through.

First Row, Left To Right
diademydo is trying to decide which picture to choose. Option 1 or Option 2. What's your choice. There is also a consideration in changing the wall color as well, so make sure to leave your vote in the comments below!
pragyakothari has put together a great look on a budget. This is a great way to use small bits of fabulous fabric without having to pay full price for a large amount of it. Plus, it can be changed out whenever you see fit!
Hindsvik's bedroom makeover was featured earlier this week and it first caught our eye right here in the Flickr Pool thanks to this fabulous cat bed. Even though we're sure they end up on the bed half way through the night, having a place to their own is important for every feline!
lauratrevey has a home office that's light, bright and beautiful. She's separated this space from the rest of her painting area and we think it looks to be a refreshing place to knuckle down and get some work done!
AmandaDT plans on replacing this window next year, but this time around she gave it a good cleaning. It makes the space feel far more open and part of the great outdoors!

Second Row, Left To Right
studiogal has a small studio space and even though it took her longer to prepare a meal for a small get together, she trudged on. Now who wants enchiladas and homemade guacamole and tortilla chips? Make sure to check out her newly stenciled bedroom too!
lauratrevey is back again, this time with a full bathroom makeover. We love the thin line of tile around the sink, it's a great way to get a big look while staying on budget!
Little_Mommy repurposed old drawers and crocheted backers to hold jewelery. We think it's a great look and will be even better once a plant has been secured for right underneath!
AKAwhiteknuckles has a good portion of their artwork on the walls and takes a big stand for Adhesive Command hooks. They even held up that old plywood sign!
bibidream built a custom headboard to work around this vintage swing arm light fixture. The look is great and looks to be the perfect reading in bed set up!

Remember this is the last week to get your photos in...
So pick up your camera and show us what you've got!

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