(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Dutch photographer Erik Klein Wolterink has created an homage to the elements of the kitchen that we usually want to ignore. His series of "Kitchen Portraits" offers a look at what hides behind our doors and inside our drawers, in an effort to showcase "the way we live, our daily environment, what surrounds us, the everyday stuff we normally don't see or pay attention to."

The 11 participants in the project, all of whom were asked not to clean their kitchens before Wolterink's photo sessions, live in Amsterdam, but they come from diverse multicultural backgrounds. According to Wolterink, this diversity permitted him to "use the kitchen as a metaphor for a complex multicultural reality." 

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Aside from satisfying the voyeur in me, these images are really appealing in their honesty and their simple beauty. The geometric lines of cabinets, filled in with the objects of everyday life, offer a glimpse into the visual chaos, even of the neatest spaces. Everyday life, clean though we may be, often requires a bit of mess, and these images celebrate that need in a striking way. 

For more information on Wolterink's photography and more images, click over to Slate.

(Images: Erik Klein Wolterink via Slate)