The Svelte Kidde Silhouette Smoke Alarm

The Svelte Kidde Silhouette Smoke Alarm

Gregory Han
May 6, 2008

We know fire alarms are a safety necessity, providing renters and owners alike a first line defense of alarm in case of an emergency. Rationally we get it. But we're also not too fond of the aesthetic intrusion (or protrusion) of the typical alarm installed throughout our rental. Since they're mandatory, our landlord installed a couple, but seemingly with neither aesthetics or equal measurements considered. So we're quite intrigued with the idea of replacing at least one of them with these slim-shaped Kidde Silhouette smoke alarms that have more than model-thin looks going for it...

The Silhouette Low-Profile Alarm gets its juice from both an AC source (which our current units already use, so installation shouldn't be too difficult) and a self charging lithium sealed battery that is guaranteed for the life of the unit (10 years). The Silhouette can also be linked to other Kidde emergency devices as a networked system. And if you happen to burn some food in the kitchen, turning off the alarm is a simple one-button option; the Kidde Smart Touch button temporarily silences the unit for about seven minutes while you open some windows, checking again later to insure interior safety. The Silhouette is scheduled for a "Spring 2008" that should be any day now.

[via Giz Mag]

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