The Swing Project by Jeffrey Waldman

I often take my son to the playground early in the morning or after the post-school rush and it's not uncommon to find ourselves the only ones there. What do I like to do? Swing of course. Artist Jeffrey Waldman wanted more people to experience the thrill and joy of swinging so he and friends began hanging swings in random places in San Francisco...then LA...then Panama.

While I'd love for Waldman to bring the Swing Project to New York (I'll have to settle for a pop-up piano) he's headed next to Bolivia. You can learn why he choose Bolivia and, if you'd like, contribute to the project via Kickstarter. (I did!)

This video gives you a flavor for the project to date and is sure to put a smile on your face:

Perhaps you'll be inspired to hang a tree in your front yard to encourage neighbors and passersby to enjoy a swing!

(Image via NotCot; Via Gregory who saw one of these swings in LA)

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