10 Reasons You Can Ditch Travel Guide Books and Just Bring a Tablet

Tablet App Recommendations

With summer destinations on many of our minds, it seems only fitting this week's tablet app spotlight focuses on travel-aid and resources. This selection of apps for the iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablets provide reviews, maps, and enticing images for an array of destinations while lightening up the luggage and eliminating the need to lug several travel guides while on vacation...


1. Jetpac (iPad), Free/requires Facebook.
2. Fodor's City Guides (iOS), Free
3. GuidePal City Guides (Android, iPad, & Windows 8), Free
4. City Guides by National Geographic (iOS), Free
5. Triptease (iPad), Free


6. Triposo (iPad & Android), Free
7. Tripshare (iPad), Free
8. Microsoft Travel (Windows 8), Free
9. Goop City Guides (iOS), $3.99
10. Travel Channel Layover Guide (iOS), Free

Not enough travel apps for you? Here are some additional posts from our archives: 

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