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myCharge Peak 6000$99.99myCharge

Here's a highly recommended accessory for anyone who travels equipped with a full arsenal of portable devices and wants to avoid the Where's Waldo hunt for an outlet when your batteries hit "low". The myCharge Peak 6000 is a Swiss Army rechargeable 6000mAh battery pack, equipped with a built-in Apple 30 pin and Micro USB connector on each side, alongside an on-board USB port to connect to your laptop (there's also a pop-up outlet plug). The 6000mAh lithium polymer battery let me charge up my smartphone 4 times before it needed to be recharged itself, plenty for an unplugged extended weekend getaway away from outlets.

And did I mention the battery is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, offering voice notification when in use? It's no Siri, but the Peak 600 is a premium charger accessory that's found a place in my travel backpack.