The Teeny Tiny RAID NAS: Perfect to Start Backing Up

The Teeny Tiny RAID NAS: Perfect to Start Backing Up

Range Govindan
Nov 17, 2009

If you're like most people, you probably don't do many backups. Sometimes it just seems ludicrous to do so. But since computer hard drives can easily malfunction and burn out, using a NAS HD is probably a good idea.

What's great about NAS (Network Attached Storage) is that these hard drive enclosures work over a WiFi network. This means that you can access the data on your drive from anywhere within the network. You won't need any of those wires anymore. Tuck the NAS somewhere secure and discreet, and you can use it like a sort of server to store data.

The Thecus N0204 will be one of the smallest NAS enclosures on the market simply because it uses 2.5" laptop HD drives or SSD. This means that this enclosure is about the size of a normal USB hard drive enclosure. On top of that, it's got space for two drives, works with either Macs or PCs, and costs $150. This price doesn't include any HDs, and let's not forget that it does RAID 0, 1 or JBOD (each drive is separate).

[via Crunchgear, 3rd image by Hexus]

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