The Thomas's Outdoor Sitting Room

Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #21

Name: Maïla
Location: Near Chambery, France
Size: 250 square feet

Your Favorite Thing About Your Outdoor Space: There are three things I love about this porch. One are our closest current neighbors, cows in the field just in front of the house. We thought they would be a nuisance and bring flies, but they didn't and are actually quite friendly, as well as a good source of inspiration. The other is the view : the mountains are beautiful and everchanging with the weather and the seasons. Finally, the fact that the porch is covered. It means we can be there whenever we like, as long as the temperature allows it. We stayed there during a thunderstorm once, without getting wet yet enjoying every bit of the impressive phenomenon.

Biggest Design Challenge With This Space: The fact that being surrounded by the outdoors, we needed to create a space that wasn't pure outdoors nor pure indoors, but a transition between both, but also to actually invest the space, and not just let it become a place of transit. We had put the big table on one side, but the other side remained empty, and was slowly becoming a storage space. We decided to turn it into an outdoor sitting room, where everyone now just loves to chill.

Tips for Creating a Great Small Outdoor Space: Treat it like you would another room in your house and it will become one. I personally prefer mixing up "natural" colours to go with the surroundings if we are in a countryside setting, and bright colours if the space is a tiny balcony stuck in the middle of New York. Plants are an absolute must, wherever you are. Let them loose and a bit unkept, so that they actually invest the space rather than just sit there. And finally, you need comfy seating to be able to enjoy your space at the best.

Thanks, Maïla, and good luck!

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