Design Classic: Thonet Bentwood Chair #14

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The Thonet Chair #14 was first put into production in Austria in 1856 but since then has inspired hundreds (if not thousands) of knock offs and copies and is one of the most recognized chairs in modern life:

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A nice compliment to streamlined furniture, these wooden chairs are comfortable (a classic in French cafe's), poetic and ooze a sense of history.

Here's a mini history of the first chair to be mass produced (and loved by the masses):

Where to find them? Try the Rose Bowl the third Sunday of the month as well as ebay, where you can find bentwood cafe chairs starting at $20/piece.

No space for the chair? Find a miniature one for your collection through Vitra or just learn more about the history of the chair in Micheal Thonet: Design Classics.

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