The Toddler Café by Jennifer and Matthew Carden

The Toddler Café by Jennifer and Matthew Carden

Carrie McBride
May 6, 2008

San Francisco parents Jennifer and Matthew Carden believe that, in a sense, children have to be taught to eat. You could try just plunking food down in front of them which they may pick at and fuss about or, as the Cardens suggest, you can pique their natural interest in food by involving them in preparing it and inviting them to explore new tastes and textures.

The Toddler Café contains 50 recipes developed by chef and food stylist Jennifer and beautifully photographed by her husband Matthew that appeal to kids while still being healthy and easy to prepare. This charming video gives you an idea of the kinds of recipes included and the tone of the book.

Available from Chronicle Books ($15) or your local bookstore or library.

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