The Top 10 "Top 10"

Along with House Tours and Before & After posts, we all seem to love a good "Top 10". A quick concise list of good info - sources, ideas or tips - just seems to go a long way toward being readable, bookmarkable and fun. Here are some popular ones that we brought you in the past year, gathered here, all in one place, a somewhat randomly rag-tag roundup but still hopefully helpful top ten of top tens...

• 1 The 10 Best Sites for DIY Projects
• 2 The 10 Best & Easiest to Grow Herbs
• 3 Top 10 Tips for Renting with Pets
• 4 10 Ways to Customize Ikea Furniture
• 5 10 Home Design Books To Keep You Inspired

• 6 Light-Hearted Art: 10 Prints to Lift Your Spirits
• 7 10 Sewing Projects for Every Room in Your Home
• 8 10 Things Every First Apartment Should Have
• 9 Quietly Quirky: 10 Interesting & Irreverent New Wallpapers
• 10 10 Ways To Use Concrete In Your Home

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